Wattner: Solar park near Leipzig procured for SunAsset 2 fund
Projects totaling 80 million Euros realized / Focus on international market expanded

The Wattner Group of Cologne, Germany, which is specialized in energy investments, has procured one of the largest solar parks in Germany. The solar park in Sietzsch, with a total capacity of approximately 12 megawatts, is located just a few kilometers from Leipzig airport. Market leaders BP Solar and IBC Solar each supply half of the solar park’s crystalline solar modules. The solar power plant extends across 33 hectares of industrial zone, an area the size of more than 40 soccer fields. The solar park receives the high electricity remuneration rate from the first half of this year, as the zoning plan was drawn up at an early date.

The financing partner for the solar park in Sietzsch is Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB), one of the preeminent German banks for the financing of renewable energy projects. With the investment in the Sietzsch solar park, the investment volume of the closed-end short-term Wattner SunAsset 2 fund increases to nearly 80 million Euros, with a total of 11 solar power plants.

Managing director Ulrich Uhlenhut estimates that over the next 12 months, Wattner will reach an investment volume worth approximately 250 million Euros. Already today, Wattner is one of the major German investors in the field of solar energy. With new solar funds, there are also plans for an increased financing of projects abroad: „We are considering politically stable EU countries, but we are also currently conducting very detailed assessments of Canada and England in terms of the profitability of installations. Negotiations with project partners are right on track,“ says Ulrich Uhlenhut.


Wattner is a leading developer, financier and operator of solar power plants. The company is privately owned; its managing director is Ulrich Uhlenhut. Wattner has a global target pipeline of 500 MW of solar projects by 2012 in countries across Europe, North America and emerging markets.